Application procedure Bachelor study


Application Procedure –Requirements

Application for Admission to the Bachelor Programme:

B7507 Specialisation in Educational Sciences – 7507R062 English for Education

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2019/2020 academic year is January 31, 2019.

You have to fill an Application form:

The fee for Application is 25$.

You will be request to send us following documents:

 a certified copy of the secondary education certificate

 successful B1 certified English Language Exam (CEFR)

draw up an essay, the topic will be sent by Department of English and American Studies within a set deadline

 a proof of nostrification of the secondary education (i.e. recognition by the Czech Government authorities - general information about nostrification can be found on

 curriculum vitae

 copy of passport

 two passport photographs.

 confirmation from a doctor you are able to work with children

All enclosed documents which are not originally in Czech or English must be translated into one of these languages and the translation must be certified.

Informations about paying:

Application fee: 25$ University Account Name: Univerzita Pardubice Account Number: 37030561/0100 Variable symbol: 1920 Specific symbol: Applicant´s number (available in the Application form) Bank´s Name: Komercni banka Pardubice Bank´s Address: Nam. Republiky 222, 530 78 Pardubice, Czech Republic IBAN: CZ2901000000000037030561 SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX

An application submitted without the above mentioned documents or an insufficiently filled-in application will not be registered and the applicant will be asked for immediate rectification. If the applicant doesn`t rectify the defects, he will not be able to participate in the selection procedure. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

1. Acceptance Requirements

The applicant must pass the entrance examination and submit a recognition of the secondary/high school education. The applicant is required to pay the tuition fees during the time period specified below.

2. Method of evaluating results

On the basis of the points obtained for the motivation letter and Essay (30 is maximum) will be accepted 10 most successful applicant to study.

3. Notice of Acceptance

A written confirmation from the Dean of the Faculty in regards to the applicant´s acceptance will be sent to the applicant by the post.

4. Review Proceedings

According to the § 50, par. 7 of the law no. 111/1998 Col., on universities and the change and completion of other laws (Law on Universitites) as amended by the subsequent regulation, the applicant who has not been accepted or his/her authorized representative may apply for a review of the resolution within 30 days from the delivery day of the resolution, which should be sent to the attention of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy University of Pardubice.

5. Assessment and Payment of Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is set to CZK 54 219 (circa 2400 $ - according to the actual $ course),- per academic year for the students. The student is obliged to pay the whole amount of the tuition fee immediately after being accepted as a student of the Faculty Faculty of Arts and Philosophy University of Pardubice, latest by the day of the registration to study.

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