Research and Development

Departments and their research focus
Institute of Historical Sciences
  •  cultural history,  gender history
  •  history of nobility in early modern and modern times
  •  history of peasants on the countryside in early modern and modern times
  •  economic history,  military history
  •  history of Russia
  •  administrative history
Department of British and American Studies
  •  literature and culture in English speaking countries
  •  linguistics and discourse analysis of English texts, corpus linguistics
  •  second language acquisition, teacher education
  •  intercultural communicative competence
  •  ICT in TEFL
Department of Foreign Languages
  •  contemporary German literature
  •  Czech-German relations, intercultural German studies
  •  modern linguistics, teaching foreign languages for specific and academic purposes
Department of Philosophy
  •  philosophical questions relating to ethics, education, politics and science
  •  Socratic tradition, Kantian philosophy, philosophical Comeniology, hermeneutics and phenomenology
Department of Literary Culture and Slavistics
  •  Czech literary culture
  •  Culture of Slavonic countries in EU
  •  Literature as intercultural communication
  •  Multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism in Slavonic cultures
  •  Centres and peripheries of Slavonic cultures
Department of Religious Studies
  •  problems of cultural encounters (especially between Europe and the Orient)
  •  present religiousness, interreligious dialogue, and the history and methodology of the discipline
  •  pre-historical and ancient traditions, including the study of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, traditions of South Asia, China and Japan
Department of Social Studies
  •  ethnicity, political anthropology, colonialism and post-colonialism
  •  ecological anthropology, visual anthropology, anthropology of religion
  •  Romany studies, linguistic anthropology and anthropology of areas (Maghreb, Sub-Saharian Africa, North and South America, India, Siberia, Eastern Europe)
Department of Education
  •  pedagogy of alternative education, history of pedagogy, general pedagogy, comparative pedagogy, school management
  •  Czech minority schools abroad, history of pedagogy
  •  social pedagogy, special pedagogy, social policy, social work
  •  general psychology and psychology of education, social psychology, psychology of health, psychology of work, developmental psychology, 
  •  visualization of multidimensional data, statistical methods, information technologies
Journals published at the faculty
  •  Institute of Historical Sciences
  •  a scientific journal, in 2008 classified as a reviewed non-impacted scientific journal and placed on the list of journals of the prestigious European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH)
  •  Department of English and American Studies
  •  a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal focused on American and British cultural studies
  •  since 2010 the journal has been enlisted in the National Index of Peer-reviewed Scholarly Periodicals in the Czech Republic and has been included in the SCOPUS database
  •  Department of Religious Studies
  •  a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal focused on the academic study of religions
  • since 2010 the journal has been enlisted in the National Index of Peer-reviewed Scholarly Periodicals in the Czech Republic
  •  Department of Literary Culture and Slavistics
  •  a peer-reviewed journal focused on literary theory, literary culture, with the emphasis on the literary history, popular literature and creative writing
  •  a section called LANO is devoted to outstanding undergraduate student contributions
The Faculty is very active in participation in both local and international projects focused on education, research and development.