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Humanities and social sciences explain the functioning of our culture and society. We have great achievements in history and philosophy. We publish excellent books, participate in projects and invite interesting and recognised foreign experts. 

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy completes the mosaic of the scientific fields at the University of Pardubice, and reflects European academic traditions. The Institute of Foreign Languages came into existence in 1992 in order to provide a sufficient number of qualified language teachers for elementary schools. The range of study programmes on offer has gradually expanded thanks to new interdisciplinary and arts programmes in the field of philology, history, philosophy, and sociology.

What can you expect?

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy is a relatively young division whose staff is not afraid of pushing the limits. We are the centre of education in arts and philology carried out in seven departments and in the top international Centre for Ethics, where half of the staff comes from foreign countries. The faculty organises student stays abroad supported by specialised scholarships. Our regular guests are recognised historians, poets, writers, people from the world of theatre and other vocational experts.

What will you get?

We will equip you with foreign language proficiency and a deep insight into literature, history, philosophy, religious studies or social anthropology. Certain study branches are offered in an interesting combination of two study fields, which guarantees a unique educational experience. 

Our regular guests are eminent historians, poets, writers, theatre performers and other experts directly from practice. We co-organise lectures and cultural events for the public. We provide a two-year Complementary Pedagogical Study, the graduates of which will acquire competencies for teaching at the 2nd level of primary schools and vocational subjects at secondary schools. We organise our own lifelong learning programme University of Leisure. Our students organise discussions or public readings of poetry and dramatic texts, and also regularly participate in media and promotional activities or participate in the production of documentaries. Our graduates find employment in an ever-changing society, devote themselves to science, work in education, services, public administration, cultural institutions, foundations or tourism and public relations.)

(We are a place of humanities and philological education. At our faculty, students can acquire in-depth knowledge of foreign languages, literature, history or philosophy, religion or social anthropology. Some of the branches of study are offered in interesting combinations of double-major study, which guarantees graduates a unique education. Students are very interested in our bachelor‘s degree programmes in English Language and Humanities. However, there is also a Didactic Club at our faculty, which connects teachers, didacts and English language students. Thanks to the top international Centre for Ethics, almost half of which are foreign experts, and the Institute of Historical Sciences, we achieve excellent scientific results in the field of philosophy and history.)