About the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy has completed through its aim at philology and social sciences the mosaic of the study profile and scientific fields developed at the University of Pardubice, reflecting the European academic tradition.


The Institute of Foreign Languages, later renamed the Institute of Language and Humanities, came into existence in 1992 in order to educate a sufficient number of qualified English and German language teachers for primary and lower secondary schools. The offer of study programmes has gradually expanded, thanks to new interdisciplinary and arts programmes in the field of philology, history, philosophy, and sociology. Consequently, in 2001 the Faculty of Humanities was founded. In 2005, the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy to better reflect its structure and ambitions for the future.


The Faculty nowadays, 20 years after the Institute of Foreign Languages was established, consists of

  • Institute of Historical Sciences

  • Department of English and American Studies

  • Department of Foreign Languages

  • Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Department of Literary Studies and Slavistics

  • Department of Social Sciences

  • Department of Education

The Faculty with 97 members of academic staff and with more than 2,100 students offers a variety of study programmes in humanities and languagesat Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.  The Faculty educates fully qualified professionals, who reflect cultural, social and economic changes in society, and anticipate different social needs in a wide range of professions within the framework of multi-cultural and multi-religious dialogue.


The Faculty is very active in participation in both local and international projects focused on education, research and development. Study programmes and subjects are incorporated into European Credit Transfer System.

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