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The Department of Foreign Languages is a part of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, established on the 1st January 2001, transforming the Institute of Languages and Humanities, and thus, becoming the fourth and the youngest faculty of the University of Pardubice specialized in humane sciences. The Institute of Foreign Languages and Humanities came into existence at the University of Chemical Technology in 1992 and its aim was to provide a sufficient number of qualified foreign language teachers for primary schools. Gradually, the offer of study programmes started to expand into new humane and interdisciplinary programmes. Nowadays, the following study programmes and branches can be studied at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy:

English for Education at Primary Schools (five years’ master study), English for Business (three years’ bachelor study), German for Business (three years’ bachelor study), Social Anthropology (three years’ bachelor study), Religious Studies (three years’ bachelor study), History of Culture (three years’ bachelor study + following two years’ master study), Historic and Literary Studies (three years’ bachelor study), Humanities (three years’ bachelor study), Record and Archival Service (three years’ bachelor study).

Apart from professionally oriented education, the department provides foreign language training for bachelor, master and doctoral programmesof non-philological and philological studies at the affiliated departments of the University. The department offers teaching English, German, Russian and Norwegian. Since the 1st February 2023, the head of the department has been PhDr. Helena Jaklová, Ph.D.

The aim and the mission of the department are to develop relevant philological disciplines and to provide quality foreign language teaching and methodological guidance of professional languages. By its work, the department contributes to the development of interdisciplinary skills and connects the foreign language communicative skills with the professional ones.

PhDr. Helena Jaklová, Ph.D.
Head of Department

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
PhDr. Bianca Beníšková, Ph.D.
A Vice Head

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Ing. Taťána Chudobová

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy