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Department of Literary Culture and Slavistics recently provides two Bachelor’s degree specializations, Historic and Literary Studies and Slavonic Studies of European Union Countries. 

Bachelor’s degree programme Historic and Literary Studies provides its students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills of cultural history, literary science and sociology of culture. Interpretative comparison of different literary styles and periods offers the students deeper understanding of specific forms of creativity in the changing and constantly developing historical context. The interpretative process thus enables the graduates to influence contemporary cultural life in their own original way, for example as editors, lecturers or spokespersons. An important part of the study is to introduce students to the basics of media work and to clarify the mechanisms influencing public opinion throughout history.

PhDr. Miroslav Kouba, Ph.D.
Vice Head

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
PhDr. Antonín Kudláč, Ph.D.
Head of Department

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
doc. Mgr. Michal Téra, Ph.D.

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy