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Be Engaged, Take Action! BETA! is an international Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme project: THE PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNANCE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, a blended mobility aimed at providing a rare opportunity for students and faculty to foster the development of international and interdisciplinary learning and teaching. The goal is to ensure both virtual and in-person research-based and challenge-based approaches in teaching and learning so that students can be engaged and prepare to take action finding solutions to societal challenges. Be Engaged, Take Action! BETA!

Student's Registration

  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to get ready for their international study abroad.
  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are enthusiastic about learning about other cultures.
  • Students who want to acquire new skills to be better positioned in our increasingly globalised society.
  • Students with keen interest in acquiring practical skills in the development processes of their regions.
  • Good governance for a better society.
  • Welfare matters – reducing inequality, satisfying the society.
  • Importance of stakeholders’ cooperation in enhancing regional (sustainable) economic development.
  • Territorial cooperation and support of regional and local development.
  • Creative thinking in solving regional development issues.
  • Making collaborative solutions a public administration tool.
  • 5 days face-to-face and online interaction between instructors and participants.
  • 4 hours classroom work and teamwork on the University of Pardubice campus solving tasks.
  • Online sessions working with the creative thinking tools.
  • Practical teamwork, role-playing and problem solving.
  • Virtual session of at least two hours for reflection on the tasks.
  • Participants will be acquainted with:
  • Modern /innovative tools in fostering economic resilience.
  • Good governance principles.
  • International and cultural experiences and connections.
  • Building confidence and creativity.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • 3 ECTS credits after the mobility, 6 ECTS in the case of Italy.
  • The opportunity to explore the beautiful Czech Republic.
  • The chance to meet and engage with new students.
  • A planned tour of interesting places in the Czech Republic.
  • 70 euros a day from your institution’s Erasmus grant for the mobility to University of Pardubice.
  • Do students need to pay any fees? No. Students will not be required to pay fees to enrol.
  • How can I apply? Students can apply by completing the application form on the website and students have to submit the applications for Erasmus+ mobility at their home university.
  • Where will I find accommodation in Pardubice? The dormitories are right in the middle of campus! Further information is on the university website.