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This specialised, short-term, anonymous psychosocial help offers support in coping with a highly stressful situation that a person cannot cope with on their own.

Crisis intervention aims to stabilise the individual’s psychological state and find resources to help them overcome a difficult life situation. It focuses on solving the situation “here and now”. If necessary, once the psychological state has been stabilised, follow-up care in the form of psychological or psychotherapeutic counselling may be recommended.

Crisis intervention is provided in the form of an individual meeting (face-to-face), by telephone and electronically (via e-mail) and usually lasts 50 minutes. However, it can be extended or shortened depending on the person’s specific needs and the individual assessment of the situation.

The crisis interventionist can be a social worker, a psychologist/psychotherapist or a psychiatrist/doctor. In addition to a university degree, training in crisis intervention is required.

The most common crisis intervention topics

  • death, serious illness or injury, car accident, change in health status, addictive behaviour in the family, psychiatric issues
  • imprisonment, loss of employment, loss of financial resources
  • difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • violent behaviour, conflict, bullying, divorce, breakups, marriage breakdown, etc.
  • sexual harassment – what to do if you experience sexual harassment at the University of Pardubice
  • changes (change of residence, transition to university, change of job, birth of a child, retirement)
  • etc.

The crisis intervention service is

  • anonymous (clients do not have to introduce themselves when using the service; they only provide information they consider important)
  • free of charge
  • without any recording (calls are not monitored, e-mails are not stored)

If necessary, you can get in touch with the contact person of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of UPCE, who will offer and arrange follow-up services:

Bc. Jana Horáková
Support for students of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy with specific needs
EA building, 10th floor, room 10 036
tel. +420 466 036 144

It is advisable to make an appointment in advance by e-mail.

You can also directly contact the staff of the APUPA counselling centre, which is independent of the Faculty and provides crisis and psychotherapeutic help and support to students of the University of Pardubice:

Mgr. Hana Jelínková
Crisis intervention (personal/face-to-face)
Monday to Thursday, 7:30–15:30
tel.     466 036 401
Counselling room VO 01003

Appointments must be arranged in advance by e-mail.