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Founded in 2017, The Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value focuses on issues surrounding the distinctive value of human life, and the ways in which this value may be either recognised or overlooked in both personal and political contexts. 

Our aim is to develop a conception of the nature and value of humanity and to apply it to a range of personal and political issues, including attitudes towards marginalised groups and issues surrounding populism, nationalism, religious conflict, migration and a changing European identity.

The Centre's mission is to conduct basic research that will inform and enliven debates on fundamental questions of value, both within specialised academic spheres and in public discourse. It forms an integral part of Pardubice's lively philosophical community, and brings together domestic and international researchers, graduate students and visiting researchers. The Centre's activities include regular seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as collaborations with a range of international partners. The Centre maintains a publically accessible library of key texts in ethical theory, and undertakes translation projects from English into Czech.

The Centre is funded by the grant no. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000425 of the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education.

Centre for Ethics