Department of English and American Studies


The Department of English and American Studies is a relatively new and progressively developing department founded in the 1990s. It offers two study programs – English for Business (BA program) and English Language Teacher Education (3 year BA program English for Education, and 2 year MA program English Language Teacher Education).


English for Business is an interdisciplinary study of mainly philological orientation. Its core consists of developing language skills focusing on the use of specialized terminology in commercial, administrative and executive environments. Students develop their communicative competence both in English and Czech languages and gain complex knowledge in comparative linguistics, literature and cultural studies. They also learn basics of translation and interpreting, and of economic disciplines which they employ during their pre-service training. The graduates can work for a wide range of administrative institutions as well as in businesses, foundations, translation agencies, etc.


Students of the BA programme English for Education develop their communicative competence to C1 level as well as their multicultural sensitivity. They gain complex knowledge in linguistics, literature and cultural studies. They are also trained in the main areas of pedagogy and psychology. The graduates may work in schools (as assistants) and in the public sphere. The achieved skills and knowledge are a prerequisite for further MA study.


The main objective of the MA programme English Language Teacher Education is to prepare and train qualified teachers whose professional competence stems from the knowledge of subject matter (linguistics, literature and cultural studies) as well as of pedagogy, psychology, didactics and ELT. The graduates also have relevant didactical skills (social and communicative) and experience. They achieve advanced level of communicative competence in English (C2) and the specific area of teaching foreign languages offers an opportunity to further develop the cultural and social aspects of education.  


Members of the department are not only qualified university teachers but also specialists in the field of British and American cultural studies, literature, theory and methodology of English language teaching, linguistics and English for special purposes. The staff participate in scientific and research projects in Czech republic as well as abroad and they regularly publish the results of their research.

Members of the department organize an annual Cultural Studies Conference and since 2008 have been issuing American and British Studies Annual, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to a wide range of issues in American and British literature, visual arts, music and other cultural phenomena as well as cultural history. Our department cooperates with other universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, and participates in various programs such as LLP Erasmus, CEEPUS and Visegrád Fund.


Staff research interests:

Literature and Cultural Studies section:


Doc. Mgr. Šárka Bubíková, Ph.D.

American Cultural Studies, American Ethnic Literature, Literary Canon, Childhood Studies.


Mgr. Olga Roebuck, M.Litt., Ph.D.

Scottish Literature, British Cultural Studies, Environmental Literature.


Mgr. Petra Kalavská

Contemporary British Drama, the representation of gender issues in British Literature of the 20th century.


Mgr. Michal Kleprlík, Ph.D.

translation studies, American drama


PhDr. Ladislav Vít, Ph.D.

Place and Space in Literature, Literary Modernism, 18th Century garden architecture, travel writing.


Linguistics section:

PhDr. Petra Huschová, Ph.D.

Semantics, pragmatics, English stylistics, expressing modality in English


Mgr. Jaroslava Ivanová, M.A., Ph.D.

Phonetics, Phonology


PhDr. Šárka Ježková, Ph.D.

English language syntax, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics and aspects of computer mediated communication.  


PhDr. Zuzana Nádraská, Ph.D.

Discourse analysis, text linguistics, cohesion, coherence, the language of newspaper reports, RST - reported speech.


Mgr. Eva Nováková

Czech language, Morphology 


ELT Methodology section:


PaeDr. Monika Černá, Ph.D.

Pre-graduate teacher education; aspects of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, namely very early language learning


Mgr. Irena Reimannová, Ph.D.

ESP, Business English, e-learning, student pre-service training.


Mgr. Helena Zitková, Ph.D.

Language skills and ESP section:


Mgr. Lukáš Hambálek 


Rochelle Simone Lawrence, MSc.

Language skills, academic writing, creative writing.

Mgr. Marek Vít
Language skills, presentation skills.